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Welcome to Melbourne’s leading Financial Planning firm

LifeTime Financial Group

Melbourne Financial Planning (LifeTime Financial Group Pty Ltd) is a professional firm of fee based financial planners based in Melbourne’s south eastern suburbs. LifeTime Financial Group has been managing the financial planning needs of busy professional clients (who value our independence) for more than 25 years.

Naturally, all of our planners meet the highest education standards and are all RG146 accredited. Each of us hold formal qualifications in our areas of speciality through major Australian tertiary institutions.

LifeTime Financial Group specialises in providing Financial Planning advice and services to individuals who value and require advice on a range of matters. Our services include;

We recognise that every client has a very different set of needs. The prospect of making complex financial decisions can be daunting.

Our pragmatic approach ensures that complex financial planning needs can be put into straightforward and uncomplicated terms without making you feel intimidated by a lack of knowledge or awareness.

Melbourne Financial Planning at its best

Our clients want to have the best advice available. Advice that is not unduly influenced by Banks or other institutions who dictate what products and services can be delivered.

Because of this, we offer a fee based advice process to our clients who are assured of receiving advice that is appropriate and tailored to their individual needs and circumstances.

Why would you choose to work with LifeTime Financial Group?

Put simply, because we listen.

Lifetime Financial Group has developed the fine art of actually listening to your needs and concerns.

Through our ongoing process of engaging with you, you will in turn develop a level of understanding and will become empowered to make informed judgments and decisions with clarity.

Our Financial Planners are highly qualified. Not just in academic terms but also experienced with various types of clients and financial planning strategies.

Our Dealer Group, “Advice Evolution” is owned by the advisers and businesses that represent it. We are not owned by any Fund Manager, Insurer or Bank so you can be assured that our advice is in your interests and not influenced by theirs.


Specialist SMSF ssaAccredited Financial Planner (SMSF Professionals’ Association SPAA)

cfpCFP Specialist Accredited Financial Planning and Fellow of the FPA

cfpAwarded Top 5 by Wealth Professional Magazine Australia 2012
cfpAdvice Evolution is a finalist in the IFA Excellence Industry awards dedicated exclusively to boutique and non-aligned financial planners
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