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As a successful person, it is unlikely that your financial planning needs are ever that simple.

I was once told, “It’s easy to be poor, but to be wealthy and manage it well is more than most people can do”.

Like  most aspects of our lives, our ongoing wealth management needs are becoming more complex. From structures including family trusts and self managed superannuation through to tax strategies and funding mechanisms. These can be a veritable mine field for the inexperienced.

Have you ever found yourself been offered advice from all angles, Invest in this, do that, etc.  And occasionally, you may recognise that you have made some poor financial judgement calls.

Unlike the average planner , our clients are successful individuals who can have quite complex needs. LifeTime Financial specialises in guiding people like you through these issues. Providing clear guidance and advice that is consistent with your own goals and plans. Lifetime Financial is experienced in managing complex affairs for our clients. After all, an ongoing financial planning relationship isn’t just about financial security. It is all about your ongoing prosperity.

Through experience, we understand and know what our clients are concerned about. for example;

Our years of experience has meant that we have assisted clients through a myriad of complex needs and circumstances. And all the while, doing it in a way that makes it straightforward and easy to understand. After all, isn’t the measure of a relationship one where a client can ask the same questions repeatedly and not feel self conscious at all?

About LifeTime Financial Group

LifeTime Financial Group was started nearly thirty years ago by Anthony Stedman. In that time, the practice has grown naturally with the needs of our clients into a practice that offers a full range of services, delivered by people who are not only highly qualified  (By industry standards) but are also able to listen and fully understand your position and needs.

Because we are not owned, controlled or influenced by any financial institution, our advice and recommendations are driven by our desire to see you achieve the best possible outcomes based on your own personal needs and circumstances.

100% free of external influence by product manufacturers.

LifeTime Financial Group is licenced through Advice Evolution, an independently owned and managed AFSL. We established Advice Evolution to get away from Corporate institutional ownership. We needed to be free of the typical product sales process that most financial planning firms are subjected to by their corporate owners.

Tailored solutions for you

Without listening to you and understanding your concerns, all the qualifications in the world wont help. LifeTime financial prides itself on taking the time needed to discover exactly what makes you tick. From here, we work closely with you to develop a strategy that ensures that your plans for the future become a reality. Our complete range of financial services across Superannuation, Self managed Super, Retirement planning Investments, Shares, Insurance ensure that we can cover all aspects of your needs.

Our Guiding Advice Principles:



Through our discovery process, together we unearth your vision, values and goals, providing a platform for success.



Combining our own internal specialist skill sets and where required, engaging external expertise to provide meaningful, easy to understand and appropriate financial solutions.



Integrating your financial solutions under a fully transparent fee structure anchored to your vision for the future.

Our Values:


Caring for our people and clients at all times.


Acting with integrity at all times; our word is our bond.


Successful team, successful individuals, successful clients.


The highest quality performance and professionalism

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