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The following events are significant milestones in a client’s life and financial planning requirements should be reviewed.  (Please use the hyperlinks to view more information on each of these advice modules.)

–  Property purchase
–  Marriage and children
–  Redundancy planning
–  Establishing a business

–  Succession planning
–  Divorce or widowed
–  Complex family circumstances
–  Estate Planning and inheritance

–  Retirement Planning including Self Managed Superannuation Funds and all entitlements to Centrelink and other Government Benefits
–  Transitioning to retirement

Our experienced financial planners work with our clients through these significant life events, to ensure appropriate decisions are made in accordance with short and long term financial goals.

We do this by ensuring that you;

  • Structure your income and assets appropriately to ensure they are producing the very best possible outcomes.
  • Maximise your eventual retirement position by providing the very latest strategies for the accumulation of assets within a superannuation fund environment.
  • Restructure your assets and income streams in retirement to receive the maximum entitlements from Government agencies.
  • Provide strategies that maximise wealth creation and may reduce the tax payable.

  • Take all steps to conserve your capital as you move from your working life into retirement and commence living off your savings.
  • Make appropriate arrangements regarding the orderly transfer of both personal and business assets through considered Estate Planning advice
  • Make appropriate arrangements to ensure that your family is secure in the event of an unforeseen accident or premature death.

Personal advice we offer can include;

  • Investment and Retirement Planning
  • Personal and Employer Superannuation and Rollover
  • Personal Life Insurance
  • Self-Managed Super Fund – investment and riskmanagement strategies
  • Information on Centrelink benefits
  • Information on Veterans’ Affairs benefits
  • Portfolio review services

Types of products we recommend include;

  • Securities – (eg shares and debentures)
  • Managed Funds – (eg unit trusts)
  • Deposit Products – (eg term deposits, savings accounts)
  • Government Debentures – (eg stocks and bonds)
  • Life Insurance – (eg income protection, trauma and life cover)
  • Superannuation – (eg rollovers, account based pensions and annuities)
  • Retirement Savings Accounts
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • Separately Managed Accounts





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